Advertising in literature

17 May 2018 door Miranda van Gaalen


It’s plain wrong to blur a work of fiction with a list of commercial parties other than the publisher. Or is it?

Once the initial shock is overcome by turning the page, will it leave behind annoyance or any other feelings of literary incorrectness? Is it possible those feelings will have changed after reading the novel?

After all, the self-publishing author gets to choose who gets to be listed and some valuable insights can be gained. What type of companies are listed? How are they related? Is there a pattern? What does it say about the author, other than the obvious?

YES, it costs money to publish a book.

The reader will look more carefully at the list afterwards, wondering and pondering how some, why others, when they, where to and yes, after carefully glancing over the names stuck.

Repeat the steps for every new reader.

Surely, a one-line advertisement viewed with attention and interest must be a marketeers wet dream!

Do you want to have your name or company name listed in print and lasting for eternity— a paperback copy of the book will be added to the collection of both the Dutch and Australian National Library, then give it a go!

You have until 26 May 2018 to pledge for IN SEARCH OF KYLE by Miranda van Gaalen on Kickstarter. 100, 250 or 500 Euro will get your company name listed as a proud supporter!

What the heck, it’s a business model and until things have changed that’s the way this world still works!

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