Feng Shui Party

25 March 2010 door Miranda van Gaalen

25 March 2010

Hello people,
When I look back today, to how it all started on that wonderful spring Thursday in March my heart jumps for joy.

On 25 March 2010 Philamonk’s Feng Shui blog is launched into cyberspace. After your first visit and leaving your first comment more visits follow. Meanwhile you realise what Feng Shui can do for you. Frequent visits provide you deeper insight and with pleasure you come back often. You are not the only Feng Shui enthusiast. There’s a worldwide network of people sharing the same interest. Thanks to you this blog evolves to a place where WE FENG SHUI becomes a new verb:

I feng shui
You feng shui
She/he feng shuis

We feng shui
Do feng shui
They feng shui

And we not only feng shui at home but outdoors as well, at work and in nature.

Thank you all very much for your contribution to harmony.


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