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Nieuwsgierig, reislustig en ondernemend!

About Philamonk

Miranda van Gaalen is Philamonk. The name has been chosen as it contains all qualities of the numbers of the Magic Square. Australia has been her source of inspiration where she discovered Feng Shui, sculpting and writing. Her first short story won first prize. She followed a creative writing course and wrote a number of short stories that got published.

Thanks to her degree in Business Economics ( she has a lot of international work experience in the corporate environment as well as taking care of the administration for small businesses. Because of her interest in metaphysics (Feng Shui, Date Selection, Four Pillars and Face Reading) she studied with Grand Master Yap Cheng Hai, Master Practioner Theresia Stillhart, Yin Yang Feng Shui Master Mimi Moorhouse, Howard Choy, Dr. Jin Peh and Olga Garcia. She loves to read, travel and sports, especially volleyball.

Now she’s focusing on her passion: writing. Seeing the world unfold as it does she’s aware that it’s not too late to change for the better. She believes our future will be beautiful and hopes to inspire her readers to create that wonderful beautiful world we all desire together. We’re all One: universe, species, planet or HEAVEN, MAN and EARTH.